Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Phase II

Phase II

East coast

After spending a few days with my family in Destin, I will head out north/northeast. I will leave on the 10th of June and head back to Atlanta. My first stop? Bangkok boxing where I was first introduced to Muay Thai. Funny story, I originally started Muay Thai because my girlfriend (at the time) always complimented me on my upper body and ridiculed my lower, underdeveloped half. Yes I was THAT guy, the one that skipped leg day! I was driving one day and saw that there was a free session at the Midtown location. My first class I had Chike Lindsay instruct and I just fell in love with Muay Thai. I will make it to the 6:30 all levels Muay Thai class. I will spend the night in Atlanta and head out first thing the next morning.

From Atlanta, on June 11th, I plan to head up Blue Ridge Georgia, then to Madisonville Tennessee. Near Madisonville I will stop by Bald River Falls and go for a swim! Several pools to swim in at the 4 different levels of these waterfalls.

I will stop in Knoxville to train at Overdrive with Jeremy Beal that night and spend the night at Abrams Creek campground. There is a really cool waterfalls, Abrams Falls, that you can climb and jump off of into a pool below. Have gone there several times but the hike is about 8 miles and I won't have time for it this time. Here is a picture in case you are curious!

From the campsite on 12th I will head out to Deals Gap North Carolina and the legendary "Tail of the Dragon". This is an 11 mile stretch of road that has 318 hairpin turns! 

From Deals Gap I head to Washington DC by way of Asheville, another cool city nestled in the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. I will stop at Kensington Maryland but don't have a place to train yet. I might be going BBMAC, and I will spend the night there as well. On the morning of the 13th I will make the final stretch to New York and meet up with some friends there and train at Sitan gym. The fallowing evening, the 14th, I will train at WAT with the legendary Kru Phil Nurse. I hear that is some top notch training and I am super stoked. On the 15th I will leave New York and ride up the scenic coast to Provincetown then to Boston and train with the guys at Muay Thai Academy and stay the night there. 

From Boston I part ways with the coast and head inland. The last time I have been on the east coast was when I was a kid with my father and sister. I was right around the age of 7. It will be interesting to see some of the same spots we visited back then. I can't wait to experience the feeling of that distant memory trying to fight its way through the years of memories that have pushed it to the far corners of my mind. When it slips in and out of your grasp and then finally! Yes! Yes! I remember this place now. There is a a sense of victory, a happy recognition that your memory is still intact. I will find myself holding the keys to my past, and being able to open the door to reminisce of the days of old.